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The AOS Story

Christian DeVries started VOLTA and AOS after a very successful 20-year career as a college soccer coach and Sports Management professor.  "Coach" DeVries has a passion for helping individuals and team reach their true potential on and off the field.  

In the world of literature, VOLTA is "a turn in thought."  At VOLTA, we believe that one's true potential is achieved through a mindset shift from "success and goal-orientated" to "Significance focused."

AOS - Athlete of Significance, was born through this mindset shift. AOS is a mindset that an athlete's value to the team extends beyond the X’s and O’s, beyond physical attributes, and beyond winning. Learning this mindset and knowing how to use it will differentiate you, propelling you to the top of the list for a spot on the team roster at your college of choice.

VOLTA and AOS History

1990-present – Christian DeVries is engaged in a successful career as a college soccer coach, college professor, mentor, athletic administrator, and friend.

April 2015 – Founder Christian DeVries briefly steps away from coaching college soccer after 20 years to focus on coaching coaches beyond the Xs and Os.

May 2015 – VOLTA Sports LLC is registered with the State of Alabama, and goes live.

August 2015 – Christian DeVries is certified as a John Maxwell Team Leadership coach, trainer, and speaker.

March 2016 – Rollie Bulock and Brian Wagner join the VOLTA Team.

August 2016 – Matt DeVries joins the VOLTA Team.

September 2016 – VOLTA Sports becomes VOLTA Sports and Leadership with offices in AL, AZ, ND, and TN.

May 2017 – VOLTA relocates the headquarters to Peoria, AZ, from Mobile, AL.

July 2017 – Christian DeVries and Boyd Hamlin release "THE MIGHTY."  A devotional uniting scripture and sports to bring out the mighty in you.

January 2019 - Christian returns to college coaching, this time at the NJCAA. 

February 2019 – VOLTA brands "AOS – ATHLETE OF SIGNIFICANCE."  The AOS Brand includes the AOS Online Coaching, Recruiting and Leadership Platform [AOSSports] and AOS Sports Leadership Camps [AOSCamps]

June 2020 - ELITE SOCCER PATHWAYS is formed with a collaboration for AOS Sports, VOLTA Sports and Leadership, Ignite Ventures, and Post to Post Soccer camps

November 2020 - VOLTA is renamed VOLTA SPORTS VENTURES.