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Jul 08, 2020


Welcome to ELITE SOCCER PATHWAYS, a biweekly newsletter to guide you down the pathway to becoming an Elite Soccer player. Elite Soccer Pathways is a collaboration of coaches that have been coaching and guiding student-athletes at elite levels for over 30 years.

Steve Richards:  Steve Richards has been responsible for raising the level of play of thousands of students nationwide with Post-to-Post International Strikers Training Centers combined with the late Tony DiCicco Soccer Plus, which was one of the most extensive soccer programs for strikers and keepers in the country. Richards is also one of the founders of the unique Soccer Pathways ID Collegiate Camps, which conducts camps Nationally. Steve has also coached numerous influential players playing in top collegiate programs and professional programs, including England, Germany, and Sweden. 

Roby Stahl: Roby Stahl's methodology is noted as one of the most professional and sophisticated worldwide. This includes recognition from FIFA, and National teams here, and abroad.  Roby has developed this unique methodology through enviable soccer achievements. Roby holds elite coaching licenses in Sweden, Brazil, USSF A here in the United States, and a Canadian B. He was the Head coach Mens/Womens, Professional team at Tyreso FF, Stockholm, Sweden. Played Professionally in Ireland for Cork Celtic and England at West Ham, finishing his playing career at the Cleveland Cobras. Roby was also the Executive Director of AFC Lightning, currently the Executive Director at Cincinnati Alliance, and ODP Region 3 Staff. 

Christian DeVries:  Christian is a 25 year veteran of the college ranks.  He has coached both men's and women's teams at NCAA II and III, NAIA, and NJCAA.  As an international speaker, he has given presentions on Sports Leadership, Breaking the Communication Code, Developing a Culture for Success, and Recruiting Education.  He is the Founder of AOS - The Athlete of Significance, the host of the Peak Performance Mentor Podcast and USSF and Untied Soccer Coach licensed coach. 


Post to Post recently completed the first camp since COVID.  Over 100 athletes spent time with ten college coaches live and were showcased to other coaches across the country to other college coaches on the new VRO Platform [Virtual Recruiting Opportuities].  AOS presented a Virtual College Seminar discussing the recruiting process and what coaches are looking for in future athletes. Don't miss out on future camps.  The next Post to Post camp will be in Wisconsin in a couple of weeks.





Email is a great way to keep yourself in front of college coaches.  Informal emails are a great way to keep coaches regularly updated on your game/tournament schedule, successes you have had on the field, and your application process.

Watch this video on setting up your recruiting email account




Read insights form coaches and their experiences in working with youth players that desire to play at the next level.

Finish It vs. Power It

Why are we teaching our youth players to power shoot? Instead, we should be finishing.

Players are trying to put a hole in the net, instead of just finishing and scoring.

How many of us have watched as the ball has been crossed on the ground seven yards from goal – five players swing at it, but it continues to roll across the field? Or, they hit it and it goes over the cross bar? Or how many times have players tried to tee-up a power shot in the box only to have it blocked or taken away? READ MORE...

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